Emergence, Untitled Gallery Tucson, April 3-June 5, 2021 Gypsy Emporium, 12x16, oil on wood

Creation in Isolation, Blacklidge A Community Collective, May, 2021

American Myth, ink prints - 20 pieces in 2020

A series of 20 ink prints examines the circular influence of education, access to information, and social mobility. I meld infographics with mid-century imagery to create visual narratives that explore America’s past and future. This work considers how greater investment in the public commons – schools, libraries and public media - would strengthen society by increasing empathy, equitable opportunities, and community conversations. My goal is to show how the transfer of knowledge can revitalize democracy.

Localscapes: Historic Meets Modern Solo Exhibition, YWCA Galleria, 525 N Bonita, Tucson AZ

30 small pieces, oil on wood

April-June, 2019 (Opening April 17, 2019)

Picturing 2020: a Community Reflects

Inside, 5x7, ink on paper

University of Arizona Museum of Art, a virtual exhibit, September 26, 2020 – March 28, 2021

These works depict our community’s myriad experiences with the destabilizing events of this year – differing in medium and style but sharing themes like isolation, resistance, resilience and hope.